СКАЧАТЬ CGBoost - Mastering Sculpting in Blender (2017)


2 Ноя 2013
Mastering Sculpting in Blender
Автор: CGBoost

Want to learn digital sculpting?

This Blender Course is for you!

Everything you need to know. All the tools, settings and important workflows in Blender 2.79 (update to Blender 2.8 comes 2020) are explained and you will learn the full sculpting process on two practical exercises. No need for gathering online videos from different sources.

Suitable for all skill levels. No matter if you never sculpted before or if you have some knowledge, this course focuses on quality content suitable for both, sculpting beginners and pro artists.

Well structured. The content is split up in over 60 well-organized video tutorials, 4 chapters and bonus content, with a total length of about 12 hrs.

High quality. All videos are in Full HD 1080p / MP4 format with English audio and captions. The course is available for streaming and download, including all important project files.

Get help along the way. We give our best to make each lesson as clear understandable as possible. If it still happens, that you got stuck at any point, you can ask for help or share your work in progress in the discussion section under each lecture.

Join the community. Additionally, you get access to an exclusive Facebook group dedicated to our academy students only. There you can ask questions, share your renders and give or receive feedback from us or the other students.

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